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What does the Tailor Shop offer for Bridal Services?

There is nothing more important then your big day. The Tailor Shop takes pride in making sure your wedding garments are the perfect fit for your event. We offer everything from basic adjustments to reconstruction and even redesign for when you want to create a new look from the original designer.


Does the Tailor Shop sell Wedding Dresses?

Yes! The Tailor Shop offers custom design services to make sure your dream dress looks stunning and fits you perfectly. We also specialize in everything from recuts to basic alterations.


After I have selected my perfect dress, when do I get fitted?

Timing is everything when getting fitted for your wedding dress. The Tailor Shop requires 3 seperate fittings to get your dress to look perfect! The first fitting would be done immediately after you recieve your dress. It entails fitting and pinning your dress to get it closer to a custom fit. The second fitting is about verifying the adjusted proportions and getting the fit approval from the bride. The third, and final, fitting is to be done no more than 2 weeksbefore the event to make sure that your dress fits you perfectly and allows for finishing touch ups before you walk the aisle.


What should I bring to my fittings?

It is extremely important that you bring your shoes and any undergarments that will be worn under your dress to every fitting. Wearing the exact shoes for your wedding day will allow us to adjust to the perfect length for your dress and undergarments can sometimes add a few inches to the waist. We want your dress to fit perfectly and the smallest details can make a dress too big or too small.


What is the difference between a less expensive and more expensive seamstress?

We get it. Everyone has a budget and you want to make sure they you get everything done without wasting your hard-earned money. The advantage of using The Tailor Shop for your bridal needs is the access to Designer and Custom Tailor Daniel Motorca. With 20+ years in the industry, Daniel understands the difference between alterations and tailoring. Focusing on the true craftsmanship and working with the patterns and design of the garment to complete adjustments is cirtical to getting the right fit. We don't use shortcuts and we only use the best materials. Remember, using the cheapest individual or company is not always the best solution, as it may end up costing you more money if we have to spend time fixing the sloppy work of others.


What timeframe should be expected for Bridal Services?

Based on alterations needed, The Tailor Shop avereages 1 week turn time for basic hemline alterations and up to 2 months turn time for recutting and size changes. Please note that we take the time to make sure all adjustments are completed by trained professionals and quality work is our number one focus.


What will my alterations cost?

Basic bridal alterations start at $100 and increase based on complexity. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to set up an appointment in our Bridal Suite and allow Daniel to clearly understand your expectations and the work needed to meet them.

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